• Listen to The Shauna Antoniuc Trio on the Radio!  XM 51, Sirius 30 - The Coffeehouse station.

    Shauna's band from college: Belizbeha

    Shauna's Cali Jazz band: Shauna (If you can find the hidden link on this page, you can listen to ALL of our recordings!!)

    My favorite singer/songwriter: AMOS LEE

    The Poker(hill) Master: Joe Capps

    VT's #1 (because it's the ONLY one!) Western Swing Band: Rick and the Ramblers

    Drummer from Belizbeha, aka "Booby": Mark Robohm

    Everything you wanted to know about: Jazz Standards

    Got Boots? Mickey (no, not the mouse)

    Check out Fattie's new venture: Steez

    VT Rockabilly Rascals: Starline Rhythm Boys

    Awesome Musician and Songwriter: Matt Bonner (I'm featured on his upcoming album, SEVEN WORDS!)

    VT Musician Colin McCaffrey (I recorded one of his tunes for my new album!)

    Homeschooling Rocks: South Sutter Charter School (my day gig)

    Looking for Inspiration today? Saint of the Day

    What's happenin' in my town: FOLSOM


    Photographers Extraordinaire: Lauren and Ben Jenkins

    Another wonderful photographer that took the pics for the new album: Andrea Bucheli

    Wanna move to Folsom?  Talk to our beloved and hard-working realtor, Sandy Bastear

    Just saw a fantastic show by The Punch Brothers at the Mondavi Center.  I'm now a HUGE FAN!

    Great songwriter and super nice guy Byron Hill.

    Smokin' guitar player - and not an old guy! - Karl Kerfoot

    Siked for the new Three Stages performing arts center in Folsom.  Maybe a gig there??

    Musicians on Call - making the world a little bit sweeter for folks that need it the most!

    In search of exquisite music AND stimulating and thought-provoking lyrics?  Sigh No More!

    Need some Common Sense?

    A Good Writer is Hard to Find


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